Death of CAM parade!

CAM is dead! Long live CAM!

In commemoration of this final July CAM, and in celebration of the DIY spirit of these 23 years of hot sweaty CAMs, everyone's invited to the Death of Contemporary Art Month Parade. Wear a costume, bring an instrument, and march for the Death of CAM.

The parade gathers at 7:45pm next Sunday at Tacoland Park (aka the San Antonio River tunnel inlet at Josephine Street) as dusk approaches. From there, we head south along the banks of the river in full regalia. We swarm the SAMA grounds, as they'll be leaving the gate open and some refreshments out for us! Then on to El Tropicano to partake in the remains of a fundraiser feast.

Mimi Kato will be there incognito as a horse, and Jason is going to wear gold spandex!
Captain Hills Snyder will lead the drum corps (corpse?). Bring something to bang along on - a drum, a bucket, a small child, anything percussive. And the Prime Eights will be documenting the parade, so be sure to wear your best and/or most creative funerary apparel!