Ritual Abuse Music Video

Potter-Belmar Labs created the video for "Ritual Abuse" by Hickory, North Carolina's Naked City Cinema.
See it on Vimeo.

Ritual Abuse from Potter-Belmar Labs on Vimeo.

Interview with Jason on ExhibiTricks blog

Paul Orselli, of Paul Orselli Workshop in New York, interviewed Jason on his ExhibiTricks blog.
Jason chatters a little bit about his background, his inspirations, and his thoughts on the future of museums.

PBL Video Retrospective at the McNay

TOMORROW! June 30 at 6:30 in the Chiego Lecture Hall at the McNay Art Museum

join us in the theater this week for the Big Screen Communal Viewing Experience of a selection of our works from the past decade!!

the lineup of videos:

San Antonio Casts A Spell (2009) / Promotional Trailer / 1:00
42nd Ann Arbor Film Festival (2004) / Trailer / 0:30

Fortune (2008) / Promotional Trailer / 1:30

Settings (2005) / The Edge of Elysium / 4:00

San Antonio Casts A Spell (2009) / Party, Fun, Joy / 1:40

Dual Observation Cabinets (2000) / video documentation / 1:20

I Am Curious (Remix) (2010) / video documentation / 2:00

San Antonio Casts A Spell (2009) / Sleep, Deserved & Deep / 2:20

Fortress (2003) / 4:50  (featured at the top of this blog post)

San Antonio Casts A Spell (2009) / Health / 3:30

Odysseus (2008) / by Julian Stark / 8:00

Nine Questions (2003) / video documentation / 3:00

San Antonio Casts A Spell (2009) / Clean Water / 2:50   SAN ANTONIO PREMIERE!

Thirteen Views in Arid Lands (2011) / 13:00   WORLDWIDE SINGLE-CHANNEL PREMIERE!

Camp Artpace

This summer, we worked with kids at Camp Artpace to create this series of beautiful panoramas in a project inspired by our Window Works piece, Thirteen Views in Arid Lands.

Each kid picked a pose from a stack of artwork-themed postcards that we brought; then we all went up to the roof, stood in a circle, and acted out our chosen postcard pose. One kid would take the camera, stand in the center of the circle, and take pictures while turning to create a 360ยบ panorama, which we then printed out and assembled.

Thirteen Views in Arid Lands at Artpace Window Works

"Thirteen Views in Arid Lands"
MAY 12, 6-8:30PM (RECEPTION), on view through Sept 1

Announcing PBL's new series of 360-degree scrolling landscape vistas, shot in time lapse and presented in a set of peephole cabinets, viewable through the windows from the sidewalk outside Artpace.

Our panoramas were made using an intervalometer and a robotic tripod head that we designed, built, and programmed.

Revealed in these vistas, clouds and weather spread through the sky, winds shake plants, humans and animals dart almost imperceptibly.

The videos, their presentation, and the pair of cabinets allude to the ancient traditional Chinese landscape meditation scroll, hand-cranked canvas panoramas of 19th century North America, the enormous panorama rotundas, and early penny arcade peephole spectacles. Text that appears in the videos was borrowed from reports and journals of U.S. soldiers looking for the last free Apaches in the Southwest in the 1880s, as well as quotations from the Apaches themselves, including Geronimo.

This exhibition is supported in part by the Texas Idea Fund and in part by The Cultural Collaborative, a division of the City of San Antonio's Office of Cultural Affairs.

Colloquium No. 7

Right when you thought March couldn't get any more awesome, BAM! Colloquium in your face!

One should note with great interest that all the artists presenting in the seventh Colloquium are recipients of the Artist Foundation of San Antonio award.

Refreshments of all sorts will be available at the adjacent El Tropicano Tiki Bar.
See you there.

Colloquium VI

The sixth Colloquium is at hand! Grab your coat and put your shoes on!

The McMillan's video installation, What Stands Between Us and the Sun

In the online version of ArtLies magazine, you can read Leslie and Jason's review of Megan and Murray McMillan's latest video installation, What Stands Between Us and the Sun, now showing at Axiom Center for New and Experimental Art in Boston.

Two selected minutes from I Am Curious (Remix)

For those of you who missed the live performance of I Am Curious (Remix) in September, here is a consolation prize:

I Am Curious (Remix) by Potter-Belmar Labs from Potter-Belmar Labs on Vimeo.