47th Ann Arbor Film Festival!

Leslie is in Ann Arbor this week with her students at the film festival.  If you are anywhere in the vicinity, check out her installation in the lobby:

Vantagepoints: Mapping the 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival

(2009) 45 min, looping
media: Google Earth 4.2, 1.77GHz PowerPC G4 with 2 GB SDRAMM, 100 Mb/s Ethernet, 4x 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5 with 4GB SDRAMM, Final Cut Pro 5.1

Here, the works in the 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival competition are globally sited predominantly by zip code but sometimes by city or even country name. A hand-drawn map with pushpins denoting filmmakers' hometowns used to grace the Michigan Theater Lobby at film festival time. That map was the main inspiration for this video, which is essentially the same thing created using the media of our time.

Also, be sure to see vjFutureWorkerGirl performing with DJ Bob Moir on Saturday night at the Cavern Club.