PBL at the San Antonio Museum of Art

The Current's Best of San Antonio 2007 Party!

We had a great time creating an environment for the crowd in the "hookah lounge" in the courtyard of the museum.
I was able to use my new vj-rig by itself this time-- the Numark/Arkaos combo midi-controller + vj software, and Jay played with Live for a change instead of Reason. (for all of you techies out there).

Triple PBL-PR Blitz!

The Real Estate section of the Sunday Express-News

Elaine Wolff's review of Three Aethers at the Center of the Sphere

And Leslie is one of The Best of San Antonio!

SACurrent Party at the Museum of Art

Potter-Belmar Labs will be performing at the San Antonio Current "Best of 2007" party on Thursday the 26th of April, at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Girl in a Coma and the Dog Men Poets will be performing as well, and some very good food is being catered by Mina & Dimi's, as well as the Smokehouse (PBL's favorite place for brisket), and Green, which gets our prize for Most Courageous restaurant in San Antonio. And best of all, the winners of this year's Best of San Antonio will be announced.

If you are a lucky invitation-holder, we look forward to seeing you there.

Improvised Cinema at Sound

AKA Collective and sound art space present
Potter-Belmar Labs Improvised Cinema
Saturday April 21 8-10 p.m.

This evening, we will be asking the audience to supply us with “intertitles,” –like the framed words in old silent films–bits of dialog, stage direction, description of action, aroused superstitions, points of fact, what-have-you. Collected and stirred up with a little Potter-Belmar woo woo, these intertitles will contribute to the formation of some grand, and mysterious, cinematic tale, cooked-up on-the-spot! Modern day alchemy, using early-21st Century technology as a crucible, presented in moving image and spectrasonic sound!

sound art space : 206 W. Ryan St. #B, Laredo, Texas 78041

For more information, contact Eduardo X. Garcia, gallery director at
956.206.4785, or email or go to their website.

Bike Gang: Potter-Belmar Labs

Many photos of the Great San Antonio Bike Gang Summit of 2007, courtesy J-Parr.

Three Aethers at the Center of the Sphere

The Three Aethers at the Center of the Sphere
at Three Walls Gallery in the Blue Star Arts Complex
April 5 - 27, 2007

Opening receptions:
Thursday, 5th of April, 6-8 pm
Friday, 6th of April, 6-9 pm

Open by appointment, call 210.212.7185, or send us an email!

Three Aethers is Potter-Belmar's first large-scale installation since "The Return" at Art Farm in the summer of 2001, and what a spectacle it is!
Come witness a convention of otherworldly "Aethers," in a scale-bending, time-warping installation of sculpture, sight and sound!

+ Three Walls
+ 106D Blue Star, Building B
+ San Antonio Texas