I Am Curious (Remix) – post-performance report

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to fill up the Heights Theater. You were a great audience, and we really enjoyed meeting those of you who came to talk to us after the performance. Thanks also to Aurora Picture Show, and the Heights Theater.

We're very happy with how the performance came out, and hopefully we'll be repeating it at other venues in the future. But being able to perform it at the site that got burned down for daring to show the original film, well, there's no substituting the historical thrill of it.

Of course, we've got other projects planned as well, but they're not mutually exclusive. Stay tuned!

I Am Curious Remix

As part of Aurora Picture Show's Media Archaeology festival, PBL will go to the Heights Theater in Houston this Friday, September 17th to reminisce about arsons past with a live cinema performance. You could think of it as a seance for a controversial movie, or a Citizen Kane-like post mortem examination of a puzzling reaction. What was this film, why did it draw fire, and did it deserve it?

In June of 1969, arsonists set fire to Houston's Heights Theater during a run of the controversial film "I am Curious (Yellow)," by Swedish writer/director, Vilgot Sj√∂man.  Live cinema artists Potter-Belmar Labs will investigate this history within the context of late-60s Houston, taking into account the broader censorship movement of the age as well as the phenomenon of reactionary violence in our own time.  Potter-Belmar's live cinema performance will center on a remix of Sjoman’s film, exploiting the kaleidoscope shape of the film in their performance. Mature content warning.

Friday, September 17, 8PM
Location: Heights Theater, 339 W. 19th Street

FREE Admission