PBL Recieves Idea Fund

PBL joined ten other individual artists and arts groups to recieve the 2010 Idea Fund at a reception at Houston's DiverseWorks.

The Colloquium IV

Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens present the fourth installment in a hopefully eternal series of colloquia, a magical thing which happens every so often in some place or other. The Colloquium serves to give a forum to established and emerging San Antonio-based artists, of all creeds and media.

THIS WEEKEND, the fourth Colloquium will take place

on Friday the 29th, from 7 PM to 10 PM

Artist-presenters include:
Joey Fauerso
Katie Pell
Andy Benavides
Liz Ward
Rob Ziebell
Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Admission is free, and The Colloquium is open to you and your friends. If you know artists who may be interested, please forward this invitation.

If you are an artist and think you might like to present at a future Colloquium, we hope that you'll attend this event and we'll tell you in person how you can submit materials for consideration.

PBL journeys forth to the northern tundra

This weekend, Leslie & Jason will trek up north to the icy land of Minneapolis to warm up the place with explosive performances (figuratively speaking; no actual explosions will occur, hopefully).

On Friday the 22nd at 7:30 PM, they'll bring their live cinema performance to Art of This,  crowned "Best Art Gallery of 2009" by Minneapolis City Pages.

Then Saturday the 23rd at 1 PM,  they'll perform on Medicine Lake (yes, on) as part of the Art Shanty Project, specifically as guests inside the Fanta Shanty. This is PBL's half of a bargain struck with the Art Shanty folks, in which PBL dared them to participate in Contemporary Art Month.  Art Shanty director David Pittman & artist Stephen Rife came to San Antonio in July 2008 and sweat up a storm putting on a couple outdoor video screenings and a pyrotechnic performance... so now it's PBL's turn to go up there and freeze their butts off bringing live cinema where few dare step: the middle of a lake.

Potter-Belmar Labs' performance at The Lab, December 2009

Here's a little prelude to some tension in the plotline of our live cinema performance at the penthouse conservatory at the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan in December:

2010 Exhibition at Fl!ght

New video art from Leslie Raymond, and a recent sound sculpture by Jason Jay Stevens are on exhibit at Justin Parr's Flight Gallery in San Antonio, as part of the "2010" group show. Other exhibitors include Beto Gonzales, Andy Benavides, Joe DelaCruz, Vanessa Centeno, Kelly O'Connor, Jeremiah Teutsch, Sarah Stevens, Thomas Cummins, Kimberly Aubuchon, Raygun Johns, Jake Harper, Jung Hee Mun, Daniel SaldaƱa, Shaun Jarvis, Thomas Cummins, Hills Snyder, Kendra Curry, Chris Tracy, and Christine Catsifas.

Idea Fund

The Idea Fund, a re-granting program administered through Aurora Picture Show, DiverseWorks Artspace and Project Row Houses, and funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, has announced 2010 The Idea Fund Grantees. Of the more than 160 applications submitted to The Idea Fund from across Texas, 10 artists were selected. Potter-Belmar Labs is one of them!

Our project, Panorama Marfa, is part of a larger body of work reinterpreting the traditional panorama and cyclorama forms. This multiple-screen, live cinema performance in Marfa will include video shot in the West Texas landscape along with an original score.