Art Prize at Grand Rapids, MI

Both Leslie and Jason are participating in the competition for world's largest art prize, aptly named ArtPrize. It's taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from September 23 to October 10, and the winners will be chosen democratically by the public without the involvement of electoral colleges.

Both entries have proven success in San Antonio already:

Leslie will be showing her Icarus Overland piece, previously seen in the Multiples Show at David Shelton Gallery. Her venue is Lightbox.

Jason's entry is his Eleven Strata and the Planetary Boundary installation, as seen before at Joan Grona, to be shown at The Old Federal Building.

Please send your sincerest, most effective good luck wishes, and if they work, you might get a cut of the winnings! Or not! Who knows!

Potter-Belmar + W ((aa)) ou w) at Squeaky Wheel

Jason, Jax & Leslie

On Saturday, August 1, Potter-Belmar Labs and Buffalo-based band W ((aa))ou w) (pronounced 'wow') regaled the audience at Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center with two surreal sets of live music and video mixing like ne'er a buffalo has seen. W ((aa))ou w) is Jim Abramson, Tristan Trump, and Jax DeLuca, who is also Programming Director at Squeaky Wheel.