ArtPrize is happening!

ArtPrize, the world's biggest art competition, opens this Wednesday 9/23 for the public's critical perusal!

Everyone in or near Grand Rapids should go see how upwards of 1,200 artists have turned the entire city into a gallery. And if you're around there looking at the art, you should also register to vote, then vote!

What's that? You'd like to vote for Leslie and/or Jason? You are so kind! Here's how:

Vote FOR Leslie's Icarus Overland: vote30371
Vote AGAINST Leslie's Icarus Overland: vote30370

Vote FOR Jason's Eleven Strata and the Planetary Boundary: vote30271
Vote AGAINST Jason's Eleven Strata and the Planetary Boundary: vote30270

Nature of Place Symposium

Leslie is giving a presentation at the first Land Heritage Instute Art-Sci Symposium, “The Nature of Place: Land Art/Land Use.” Their schedule boasts an exciting collection of speakers and presentations about Land Art and public art vs. private art, among other related subjects.

This free and open event will be held October 24-25 at the San Antonio Toyota Manufacturing Plant Visitors Center, located directly across the Medina River from the 1200 acre Land Heritage Institute site in the southern-most sector of San Antonio.

Double Thunder showing at Antimatter Film Festival!

Prestigious yearly Canadian film festival "Antimatter", which is taking place on October 9-17 this year, will have Potter-Belmar Labs' short "Double Thunder" in its roster of prodigious screenings. While the program guide is not to be up at their website until mid-September, I happen to know that they will be playing Double Thunder on October 14.

Some history: dedicated readers may recall that PBL participated in the festival last year with their Fortune performance.