Goin' to California, part 2 - PBL at the Egyptian Theater

On Sunday, May 23, LA FilmForum present Potter-Belmar Labs at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard!

Nevermind the movies! Come see CINEMA mixed LIVE before your very eyes! Like you've never seen it before!

Time, space, and the unknowable aleph, old cowboy movies and a mysterious cocktail party of ghosts--from the past! from your past!, a terrible fire and a cosmic escape! All this and more!

Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Blvd
7:30 PM, Sunday May 23
$10 general admission

For lots more information about the show, including quotes and pictures, see LA Filmforum's page.

Goin' to California, part 1 - PBL at Other Cinema


May 15, 8:30 PM, $7 admission
at the ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia, San Francisco CA

Here's what Other Cinema has to say about their upcoming live cinema show:

Rolling in on the Starlight Express, Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens are back again in our live-cinema lab with another completely new A/V performance. The couple creates a real-time mix of improvised cinema, manipulating audio and video, weaving sampled media and original work, cut-up and stitched back together on the fly. It's been called "the storytelling of the future." We are honored to host them as they move up the West Coast, returning by popular demand! Opening the show is a half-hr. ensemble of old and new works, hot off the hard drive of our English ally Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), another practitioner of cut-and-paste collage, where found footage is re-contextualized with a Surrealistic edge. Vicki is posting her greatest hits, plus these three debuts: Parade, Skewed Gardens, and an exclusive mini-marvel for OC!

You heard it here, folks, People Like Us and Potter-Belmar Labs, live and all-new, only $7!