Potter-Belmar Labs at The Lab

Potter-Belmar Labs is going to put Times Square to shame! Come see us light up the corner of Lexington and 47th in Midtown Manhattan this week, Monday through Friday, from 6 to 10 each evening!

We are inviting everyone--that includes you!--to participate by submitting their own snippet of narration or dialog, which we will use to inspire an Improvised Cinema portraying the zeitgeist of our moment.

To assure that you receive a blank submission card, email and we'll send you one immediately.
Email it to us, mail the card or drop it off at the reception desk of The Roger Smith Hotel, at
501 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017

& please visit our performance/installation, happening nightly,
the 3rd through the 7th, from 6 to 10pm
at The Lab at The Roger Smith Hotel