Coverage of the New Media Caucus's Live Cinema Summit

Here is a very enthusiastic recount of the performances at the Live Cinema Summit, written by Nicholas Sagan. PBL was one of the live cinema performers at the event, and Leslie actually organized the whole thing. A quote from the article: "it was tremendous!"

There's also coverage, over here, of a round table discussion about the speakers' experiences as faculty members and directors in the field of New Media. Leslie, being both, was one of the guest speakers.

FURTHERMORE, Leslie also presented at this meet & greet event, and evidently influenced the naming thereof (who uses the word "colloquium" these days? PBL, that's who).

All of these things were part of New Media Caucus events for the 98th College Art Association conference, held in Chicago in February 2010.

A snapshot from PBL's performance at Art of This

Leslie and Jason, silhouetted against the warm glow of improvised cinema. Jan 22, 2010, Minneapolis MN.

Live Cinema Summit: Chicago February 11

It's been a looong time in the making, but finally, it's here!
As the New Media Caucus Vice President in charge of Exhibitions (for the past several years), I am super-proud to claim this one as my baby.  It's going down in conjunction with the annual College Art Association conference in Chicago next week!

Announcing: The New Media Caucus Live Cinema Summit!
Thursday February 11, 2010 / 5-10:30PM
Columbia College Chicago - Conaway Center
1104 S. Wabash Ave, 1st floor
Free & open to the public!

A one-night-only showcase of ten national and international artists/artist collectives working in the emerging field of real-time audio-visual performance. The event features a full line-up of back-to-back live cinema performance demonstrations with break-out discussions and plenty of room for dialogue.

Potter-Belmar Labs
Jon Satrom

Live Cinema:
"... real-time mixing of images and sound for an audience, where the sounds and images no longer exist in a fixed and finished form but evolve as they occur, and the artist's role becomes performative..." 
Holly Willis (Afterimage Vol 37, No 1, p. 11)

Colloquium IV - thanks for coming!

The fourth Colloquium was another success.  We had a pretty big turnout, and a great set of presentations followed by some fairly bold Q&A. Thanks to the presenters and to everyone who came, and especially to High Wire Arts for generously offering to host on short notice.

You can see more pictures of the event at PBL's Flickr.

Don't miss the next Colloquium, CAM edition. Watch this space for more info!