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Jimmy Kuehnle
Semiotech - [Amy Khoshbin+Mike Clemow]
Hunter Cross
Jason Jay Stevens
Amalia Ortiz

Review of Strong National Museum of Play

Read Jason's award-winning ExhibitFiles.org review of Rochester's Strong National Museum of Play.

Jason Jay Stevens co-hosts Free Jazz Hour

Jason's good friend Ben Judson has a weekly show on KRTU called Free Jazz Hour. It's the only one of its kind, playing cutting-edge and non-idiomatic improvisational jazz. Yesterday, Jason co-hosted the show. He didn't have nearly enough time to play all the music he'd taken along, but did get to air a decent chunk of his inspiring free jazz collection.

You can listen to the stream by going to this page and clicking on "Free Jazz Hour", in the Monday column, 9 PM row.

The Colloquium III

Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens invite you to the third Colloquium, a nomadic, intermittent series of evenings filled with a mix of quick presentations from artists on their work, followed by lively, insightful discussion.

The Colloquium III will take place at the Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center, on Oct 13 at 8 PM. There will be refreshments available!

Artist-presenters include:
Marilyn Lanfear
Rex Hausmann
Franklin Bryson Brooks
Stuart Allen
Beto Gonzales

Admission is free, and The Colloquium is open to you and your friends. If you know artists who may be interested, please forward this invitation.

If you are an artist and think you might like to present at a future Colloquium, we hope that you'll attend this event and we'll tell you in person how you can submit materials for consideration.

Don't miss this, it's been great the last two times and it'll be great this time too.

Chalk It Up 2009

Saturday was a great day for working outdoors - not too sunny (ominously cloudy in fact), full of kids, and full of artists. Good day to draw a board game on the sidewalk. It didn't rain, fortunately!

PBL may be known for their work in video and new media, but the interactive and participatory aspect that they use in their video work translated very well to sidewalk chalk drawing. Dozens of kids took part in the life-size board game, and they liked it.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and thanks to Artpace for inviting PBL to be a Showcase Artist. It was a blast.

Art Outside!

If you don't have anything pressing to do this weekend there is some kind of art Woodstock going on at Apache Pass, Texas. From what I read at their website (go to it, it is very interesting), from the 9th to the 12th of October there will be all kinds of art among the trees: music, visual art, craft, performances, pretty much everything. It promises to be full of all kinds of fun. And PBL will be performing there too! So if you don't go for the nature, go for the PBL performance.

Potter-Belmar Labs will be doing their Fortune performance in a tent at sundown on Saturday, Oct 11. Inside, they will be reading audiovisual fortunes to small, intimate groups of people. Go get your fortune told!

You can buy tickets for Art Outside here: https://beticketing.com/_E1_view.php?editid1=53

PBL's Lunchbox Series Talk at Artprize

Well folks, Artprize is over for our heroes, who didn't quite make it to the top ten. But they still had a grand time at Grand Rapids! Thanks to the thousands of people who stopped by!

Yesterday (October 5), Leslie and Jason gave a Lunchbox Series talk; a free lecture series that they were invited to participate in to talk about Artprize, art, etc. Their lecture was one of three "Competing Couples"-themed lectures. See the video: