21st Century Psychedelic, PBL performance at San Antonio Museum of Art

Potter-Belmar Labs brings the psychedelic light shows of the 60s to the Post-Modern age with this live performance of moving image and sound, utilizing laptops and other electronics. Collaborating since 1999, artists Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens have performed live cinema across North America, in addition to exhibiting interactive installation art and single-channel experimental video. In keeping with the flavor of the Psychedelic show, PBL will perform their handcrafted audiovisual hallucinations, offering colorful optical fantasies and intriguing sound sensations.

Colloquium Blog

The Colloquium is a roving series of artist talks, each with its own roster of a half dozen San Antonio-area artists from a wide range of media, backgrounds and ages, and always at a rapid pace--like a peecha kucha for the arts, complete with slideshows and a little bit of high octane cross examination by the audience.
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PBL at Chicago Filmmakers

PBL will be in Chicago on Saturday, March 20th to perform their brand of live cinema at 8 PM at Chicago Filmmakers, which is at 5243 N. Clark Street in Chicago. Watch the dynamic duo weave their improvised audiovisual hallucinations onto the screen!

You can see the Chicago Filmmakers calendar of events here: http://www.chicagofilmmakers.org/navkino.htm

Colloquium V - thanks for coming!

Thanks to:
  • Everyone who showed up at the fifth Colloquium to enjoy the arts and popcorn along with us. I had fun, did you have fun? It was fun.
  • The artists, who shared their stories and motivations with us. Squids and cookies and glass and theater and burlesque, oh my.
  • Southwest School of Art and Craft, for providing the venue, the food and drink, and  a lot of help and kindness.

There are pictures of the event available at the Potter-Belmar Labs Flickr.