Eleven Strata and the Planetary Boundary



Sound and Sculpture

2 July through 2 August 2009

Joan Grona Gallery

at the Blue Star Arts Complex

112 Blue Star, San Antonio, Texas 78204

opening reception: 6 pm Thursday 2 July 2009

hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm Saturday 11 am - 6pm

phone: 210.225.6334

email: jgrona@satx.rr.com

web: http://www.joangronagallery.com

The artist offers the audience a unique, virtual tour of eleven strata of atmosphere and ocean, on either side of the planetary boundary. As illustrations of the qualities of places from high in the outer Magnetosphere, through the Thermosphere, the Stratosphere, and down into Mesopelagia, Bathypelagia, and the deeper Abyss, Stevens presents a batch of mysterious experiments, curious handmade instrumentation, and eerie field recordings.

Featuring sculptures, a pair of paintings, and a pair of photographs, the centerpiece of the exhibition are two sound compositions, one each for atmosphere and ocean. These musical works are essentially performed by an ensemble made up of sculptures in the gallery, in coordination, generating a planetary rhythm and harmony. The sonic landscape varies dramatically throughout the space, but at any point can be contemplated as one work.

Potter-Belmar Labs Interviews Franco Mondini-Ruiz

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This is the second in a three-part series of interviews with notable personalities in the San Antonio art scene.

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Rust Fest 08

Beginning June 13th, the McDonough Museum of Art on the campus of Youngstown State University will open the exhibition Rust Fest, featuring the work of graduate students enrolled in MFA programs in digital arts and new media from eight universities across the United States.

The opening of the festival on Saturday, June 13 will include an exciting performance piece by Potter-Belmar Labs, presenting a live mix of music and video projection. Both artists perform from laptop computers augmented by external digital devices used to manipulate their palette of images and sounds. The performance begins at 7:00pm and will take place in the McDonough auditorium.

The McDonough Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am until 4:00pm with extended hours on Wednesday evenings until 8:00pm. The exhibition and all related programming are free and open to the public. For further information please call 330.941.1400

Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown Ohio 44555
Telephone 330.941.1400