Out of Context at Say Sí

Potter-Belmar Labs will be performing Live Cinema on stage, in the round, between two large video projections in the Say Sí black box performance space on First Friday from 6-9 pm. Say Sí is located at 1518 S Alamo Street in San Antonio. Admission is free.

This should be a cool installation. We're going to pull out some equipment we haven't used in a while, and keep lots of things going at once. Live multi-channel video and audio processing and mixing at its best. From chaotic to serence and all things in between. We hope you will stop through and check it out.

Also at Say Sí on Friday, the opening of the Out of Context exhibition, in which Say Sí high school media and visual art students focus on recent events and highlight the past year with personal artwork with a focus on the social, political and technological issues that have shaped and defined 2008. Taking their cues from current trends in post-graffiti/street art culture they have created individual observations utilizing both traditional and non-traditional formats and materials: video projections, installations, silk-screens and stencil art.

For more information about Say Sí, visit http://saysi.org

For more information about Potter-Belmar Labs, visit http://potterbelmar.org