I Am Curious Remix

As part of Aurora Picture Show's Media Archaeology festival, PBL will go to the Heights Theater in Houston this Friday, September 17th to reminisce about arsons past with a live cinema performance. You could think of it as a seance for a controversial movie, or a Citizen Kane-like post mortem examination of a puzzling reaction. What was this film, why did it draw fire, and did it deserve it?

In June of 1969, arsonists set fire to Houston's Heights Theater during a run of the controversial film "I am Curious (Yellow)," by Swedish writer/director, Vilgot Sj√∂man.  Live cinema artists Potter-Belmar Labs will investigate this history within the context of late-60s Houston, taking into account the broader censorship movement of the age as well as the phenomenon of reactionary violence in our own time.  Potter-Belmar's live cinema performance will center on a remix of Sjoman’s film, exploiting the kaleidoscope shape of the film in their performance. Mature content warning.

Friday, September 17, 8PM
Location: Heights Theater, 339 W. 19th Street

FREE Admission