Improvised Cinema at Sound

AKA Collective and sound art space present
Potter-Belmar Labs Improvised Cinema
Saturday April 21 8-10 p.m.

This evening, we will be asking the audience to supply us with “intertitles,” –like the framed words in old silent films–bits of dialog, stage direction, description of action, aroused superstitions, points of fact, what-have-you. Collected and stirred up with a little Potter-Belmar woo woo, these intertitles will contribute to the formation of some grand, and mysterious, cinematic tale, cooked-up on-the-spot! Modern day alchemy, using early-21st Century technology as a crucible, presented in moving image and spectrasonic sound!

sound art space : 206 W. Ryan St. #B, Laredo, Texas 78041

For more information, contact Eduardo X. Garcia, gallery director at
956.206.4785, or email or go to their website.