Seeing Art San Antonio - Potter-Belmar Labs gets visited

Yesterday morning, a group of ladies led by Donna Simon dropped by PBL to get a little tour of the place, the studios, and the ideas behind the art. Coffee was served, art was seen and discussed, and good times were had.

The tour group got to see Leslie's video mixer in action, as well as a little peek of the animation process in the making of San Antonio Casts a Spell, which will be shown at The Lab in New York this December. There was some interesting discussion about video as a new medium, freer than painting or photography from the constraints and dogmas of hundreds of years of history.
Then they were led down to Jason's studio, where he showed them some fun museum exhibit props, among them a huge wooden combination lock that shows the way such mechanisms work. He also introduced them to his board games in progress, Orbit and a yet unnamed one featuring Buddhas in a labyrinth of movable walls.

If you think the idea of a guided tour through San Antonio artists' studios sounds intriguing, visit the Seeing Art San Antonio website at and register for a tour.